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Total Clean Air Solutions

Since 2017, Yong Chuan has been a contractor for commercial and marine duct cleaning works. We offer the most professional duct cleaning service in the region, having performed duct cleaning services for over 120 vessels and buildings.


More often, duct cleaning is also known as surface cleaning. To obtain clean, scrubbed air, down to the level of less than 0.5 micron, GermXit® is the most ideal product to be deployed into the ventilation systems.

What We Clean
Duct Cleaning

Our highly experienced team specialises in cleaning ventilation and exhaust systems of all types:

Offshore/Marine Vessels: Drilling rigs, offshore

accommodations, ships and workboats. Includes

galley exhaust hood and ventilation cleaning.

Commercial/Industrial HVAC: High-rise towers,

factories, malls, medical facilities, kindergartens,

commercial kitchen ventilation and exhaust hoods.

SMEs: Small offices, homes, condominiums and

apartments, including split air air-con systems.

Kitchen and Galley Ventilation Cleaning: Whatever

size kitchen you run and wherever it may be - we'll

make it sparkle

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Duct cleaning singapore
Duct cleaning singapore



How We Disinfect
GermXit - How

GermXit® is a suspension of tea tree oil in a gel form. GermXit® is designed to evaporate when air flows over the gel and carry the tea tree oil molecules with it into the air and throughout the coverage area.


As tea tree oil comes in contact with bacteria, mold spores and other microbes in the area, it pierces the cell membrane and they are neutralised. GermXit® has been tested by independent laboratories and are proven to kill the H1N1 influenza virus and the Human Coronavirus, amongst other viruses and bacteria.

Installation is simple: Place it in front of air-conditioner or fan where there is good air flow over the gel. Or in the air return of forced air systems.

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  • Pharmaceutical-grade tea tree oil is an all natural product

  • Kills mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and fungi, making it suitable for environments like medical facilities, child-care centres and aged homes, etc.

  • Eliminates odor & helps control pests

  • Saves money by reducing diseases and related worker downtime

  • Incredibly effective and costs nothing to install

  • Keep yourself, family and employees healthy and happy

Actual Bacteria Test Counts from Site

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bacteria and mold singapore


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